When you move Heaven and earth to get what you want … be prepared for all Hell to break loose.

Val Timmons thought she found her knight in shining armor. But after marrying Kurt, she realizes she landed a rusty tin man instead. Her biological clock is ticking, but Kurt keeps hitting the snooze button. Then his pregnant mistress shows up on their doorstep, sounding a wake-up call that no one can ignore.

Making things more complicated, Val has found a way—without her husband’s cooperation—to conceive the baby she feels she deserves. All this takes place while Kurt is buying himself time to right some other wrongs before they come to light and cause him to lose his wife altogether.
But pointing the finger at Kurt’s mistakes is not a luxury Val can afford. She also has something to hide.

In the end, they will both learn one valuable lesson: there’s no right way to do a wrong thing.

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Michael has one chance to rescue the fiery woman he loved and lost.

Michael Parks can either save Nia Tate (the woman he once loved, then deserted) from being killed by a career criminal, or he can save a migrant toddler named Corazon from being sold away from her family.

Michael’s heart won’t let him save one and leave the other to a horrible ending. Unfortunately, the short window of time he has before Nia and Corazon each face their fate is not nearly enough time to save them both—unless he can convince Nia to overcome her broken heart enough to help him.

If Nia will trust him once more, even if only for this one night, her destiny and Corazon’s destiny will forever be changed. And Nia just might find in the process that love—and Michael—never fails. 

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